Nine Knights 2017

Nine Knights MTB 2017

In 2011 I had the pleasure to document the inaugural Nine Knights MTB media event. Originating from the free ski scene, founder Nico Zacek transferred his idea of a photo and video shooting week to the freeride MTB scene. That very first edition took place at the Wildkogel and went on to gather quite a collection of media publications and social media accolades.

One of my favorites from 2011 – Martin Söderström with his superwhip.
…aaand Martin again, this time with a steezy 360 onto the cover of 6undzwanzig magazine 🙂

In 2017 I was invited to be a part of the event again as an invited photographer. I had a great week shooting and socializing with everyone and I was especially stoked to meet Antti Rissanen there again. He had some ambitious plans for the week which didn’t pan out in the end but nonetheless, great times were had and that is the most important thing! 😉

Sauna-Man in action!! LÖYLY!!!!
Sauna-Man on his way to the course, healthy diet included
Conditions were all-time during contest day. Mandatory light check…
…and mandatory „I will do this shit only once so you better get it right away… please“ (I did)

Here’s a collection of my action photos from the week, in no particular order… fun week, thanks again for having me guys!!! 🙂

Anton Thelander airing out of the hip during the sunrise session
Patrick Schweika with a nice flatspin
Antti with a big nolook backie
Bienve Aguado Alba with a sweeeet hip flip during the rainbow session
…aaand Bienve again with his signature double fronty!
Nicholi Rogatkin brought the Twister to the DH bike
And last but not least, Torquato Testa went for the Triple but unfortunately broke his collar bone sliding out of the airbag.
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