Munich Gaps with Wyn Masters

Wyn Masters – Bavaria Gap – June 2020

I used the forced Corona downtime in the first half of 2020 for some fun shootings with Wyn Masters. We had three sessions and visited some pretty cool spots all over the city. The objective was to find interesting spots to jump over/through/into. Of course it wasn’t nearly enough time to really feature all the crazy urban locations Munich has to offer, but it was a start 🙂 Freeride Magazine ran a double page mini feature about the project. Good times for sure, thanks again Wyn!!!

Wyn Masters – 3D basketball court – April 2020
Wyn Masters – whipping through the Olympic Park – May 2020
Wyn Masters – Fence Jump – May 2020
Wyn Masters – Prost Gap in the Olympic Park – May 2020
Wyn Masters – Bavaria Gap long lens version – June 2020
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