At home with Kirill Benderoni

In July 2016 I finally found an opportunity to visit Kirill Benderoni again. The Russian freerider had been lying low for a while, dating back to what was perceived as a spectacular and quite unfortunate […]

The FMX Triple Backflip

After shooting the first MTB triple backflip with Ethen and Gavin in June 2014, I saw a video online of Travis Pastrana and crew hitting the ridiculous stepup jump at Travis‘ compound. At the end […]

Finally, a fresh start…

Welcome to my new website! I have finally said good-bye to my trusted, old (2008…..) homepage and jumped on the wordpress wagon. The refreshed design brings along quite a lot of new photos as well […]

The MTB Double Flair

Just came back from another session for the record books!! Antti Rissanen finally stomped the elusive MTB Double Flair, a trick that has been a little over one year in the making! In summer 2014, […]