2017 Catalogue stories for CUBE Bikes pt.2

Raehlert Brothers

For the Raehlert brothers story, we drove to Rostock and spent a couple of hours with Andi and Micha to cover some of their practice routine and their rituals as a highly efficient family team. It was a great day for sure, thanks again to the entire Raehlert family clan!!


The next story was about Wolfgang, who discovered his passion for e-mountain biking. Being a very sportive person with a background in competitive cross country skiing and biking, he found a new passion in the opportunities that e mtbs offered – finding „lines“ on uphill trails was one of the new discoveries.

Work Ride

The last story featured Wastl, who hops on his bike each and every day to ride to work since he is not allowed to drive a car due to reduced eye sight. Every morning he rides through early light and a waking nature and every afternoon he rides home, sometimes extended by a beer garden visit with his friends.

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